How Blogging Has Changed The Voice Of Women

Social Media Examiner always has some pretty amazing topics and guest posters and today was no exception. Today’s installment was an interview with Lisa Stone, CEO and co-founder of BlogHer, the leading cross-platform media network created by, for and with women social media leaders.

Lisa tells the story of BlogHer, the fifth largest blog network.  She also shares insights and tips for successful blogs and current trends for women bloggers. To give this a listen, go HERE.

In a nutshell, this is what Lisa shares:

*Blogging has given women the perfect tool to communicate their likes, dislikes, their loves, their hates all over the internet, when they choose to.

*Tips to get started blogging.

  1. Go for it!
  2. Be passionate. Be committed
  3. Social Media is a bloggers best friend. Use Social Media to draw readers to your blog.

*What should I blog about? The #1 category for bloggers is…FOOD. The recipe is holy. #2-LIFE. Life is funny. Life is  hard. Life is interesting. Blog about your life.

Bottom line: If you are a woman with a story to tell and a voice, blogging is a great opportunity to do so.

Is that epic or what? So, why do I blog? Here’s an excerpt from my Franticmommy blog that  I wrote a year-or-so ago and it pretty much sums up why I blog:

The Why: After decades of people telling me to be polite, be cautious, be politically correct, be nice, say the right thing…blogging has been like taking the muzzle off and just being ME!!!

I am Raw. I am Real. And I like it that way. Warts and all, no excuses, no apologies. And an occasional poop story. Don’t like it? Well, that’s what Back Buttons are for.

I love the freedom. I can capitalize what I want, say “screw it” to proper punctuation, and still have a good story. There’s no Editor rejecting my story because “I don’t like your angle” etc. Yet another reason I like to blog. I can write what I want, when I want. Me no likes to be told what to do.

And how blogging has changed my life? Oh my goodness…. I FINALLY feel like I belong. I fit. I have a place (on my terms-Control Freak-I-am) to write, share, and tell my crazy stories. I love to entertain people. I love to make them laugh. Blogging enabled me to do that beyond the boundaries of my friends, family, co-workers, and community. It has helped me find my voice. My rhythm.. It has helped me define the path I want to take for the second half of my life. It has supplied me with a skill and a credibility that not many in my community have.

My Tribe! I love my Tribe. The fact I even have a “A Tribe” is mind-blowing. This misfit, misunderstood, quirky and ambitious person (me) now has a world full of new people that “get me”.It used to be limited to the one or two like- minded people I encountered in the course of my daily life. Now I know I.Am.Not.Alone. Dang that’s a great feeling.

What makes you blog?


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