My Week of Ah-HA Moments

I am the classic case of “the shoemaker’s kid not having shoes.”

I am so busy doing work for others, I forget about tending to my own home-base!

This week I had a series of gentle nudges from friends/customers that reminded me that, how much of what I am doing, (my own ventures) could be a lot better if I:

  • a: finished them
  • b:did things the correct way.

These gentle nudges were brilliant and I am GRATEFUL someone flicked me in the head. It would kinda be like an interior designer living in a house with bare walls and no furniture. My blog-boo-boos weren’t that bad, but they certainly could have been better.

Nudge #1 was from a client I was doing some research for. He advised me to avoid the blogs with the “.blogspot” in their url (as in: because (in his words) it indicated to him that the blog owner really wasn’t that serious about what they were doing. I wholehearted agreed, then remembered my very own Franticmommy blog was exactly.that.way.


Getting rid of the “.blogspot” addy was something I’ve been “gonna do” but Franticmommy is now in it’s 5th year. Wow. Procrastinate much? Hopefully I didn’t drive off too much business with my lack of attention to this detail. It’s done now. Took about 5 minutes. I also changed the appearance from a very childlike ones, to something a tad more professional too.

Franticmommy is all grown up and ready to monetize, baby.

Nudge#2 was a suggestion from yet another client (I have freakin awesome clients) and it involved affiliate marketing. Sell other people’s products via my blogs and get a cut of the action? YES, PLEASE. Check out my right sidebar. Good stuff. AND stuff I’ve used myself.

The last and final nudge was from my beloved Life Coach Myra Horner. Yes, I have a Life Coach. One of the smartest things I’ve done this last year, FOR SURE.

Anywhoo, Myra pointed out that on my bright new shiny blog (this one) About Me Page do I say it?….BLANK.

Wth? How did I miss that.  I can’t say I created a stellar About Me Page, but at least it’s not blank anymore.

My point is this, details are important when creating an on-line business. Your blog/website is the equivalent a face-to-face encounter with potential clients so put your best foot forward. Always.




2 thoughts on “My Week of Ah-HA Moments

  1. I’ve been struggling with the same things. It’s time to bring my work to the next level. I’ve been fed contracts that have kept me busy but now I actually need to figure out what I do and who I’m going to do it for. WOW – branding is such a huge job! I’m finding it hard to market a business where I can do a bit of everything for everyone… Congrats on growing up! I’m feeling the growing pains too.

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