Cool Tips About Google+


YES, I can hear you groaning and eye-rolling from here…..

That’s what I thought too when Google+ hit the WWW. I thought “crap, another social media platform to keep track of!!!” (that was actually the “daycare language” version of what really was uttered by moi).

But lo-and-behold, the kick-butt-awesome Social Media Summit Course I am taking right now had some great tips and insights about Google+ from industry guru Chris Brogan.

Chris was not trying to “convince” anyone that Google+ was the new way to go, he was more interested in offering up some tips on why it might be something for you to consider in your business and social media plan. So here’s some highlights:

*It’s like curating a magazine of your own making. Providing original content is good, but remember to share other people’s info as well.

*The quality of comments on your video is much better than You Tube. You Tube seems to have a rash of 13-15 years old who delight in pointing out the personal flaws of whoever is on the video even if it is a really important business topics.

*Anything you post publicly on Google+ gets indexed rather quickly to Google. Meaning: the worlds largest search engine in the world will find you fast.

*A whopping 60% of Google+ users login in everyday and 80% use weekly. Google+ plus has over 100 million user. But Chris advises to not worry too much about how many people are using any particular platform (that’s like worrying how many people have a phone), instead worry about how you are going to use the platform to your advantage.

*You can personalize your Circles: You follow who you want, and no one else.

*You have a better chance of finding like-minded folks using

Google+ for Business: Business Pages on Google+ allows you to enhance your brand beyond the basic networking level on Google. However, Business Pages on Google+ has been slow going. Here are some businesses who are making great strides on Google+:

  • Red Bull
  • Corcoran Group
  • Alure Home Improvement
  • Dell

One downside to Business Pages on Google+, people have to choose to Circle you instead of you Circling them.

Tips To Get You Started:Right out of the gate, Chris advises doing several things.

*If you have a business page, have more than one Admin. Your never want the success or failure of your business page resting on just one person.

*Go to your About Page…and fix it. Clean up your profile, make it useful. Hover over your name and read the blue rectangle that pops out. That’s how people are seeing you. Is that how you want people to do business with you?

*Re-write your About Page and show people how to do business with you. Include links, calls-to-action, and contact information. Put your best foot forward and don’t make it tough for people to do business with you.

*Create a Campfire: When you sit around the campfire, you don’t talk only about yourself, do you?  Create a “campfire” on Google+ and discuss topics, shared goals, and ideas where people will want to gather, learn, and connect. Talk about things that matter MORE than just yourself.

“You don’t need to read every tech magazine to be ‘up on tech.’ You don’t need to read every piece of business literature to be ‘up on business.’ You know what you should study more than anything in the Universe?? YOUR CUSTOMERS. Study the people who care enough that they are paying you. In the end it’s learning about your buyer, not talking about the thing you are selling.” -Chris Brogan.

Click Image to buy Chris Brogan’s Book


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