Top 10 Tips For Successful Blog Posting & Other Bits of Brilliance

1. Just The Facts, Ma’am: Post good and useful content and post OFTEN (3x a week if possible). The saying “content is King” is not just bunk, it’s the real deal.

2. Content may be King, but Creativity is QUEEN: Be unique. People are flooded with info all day long. Say something new, or say something old in a “new way.”

3. “Just Say NO” To Text Slabs: Readers have gold-fish attention spans so break down your blog posts into bite-sized, digestible paragraphs with only ONE idea per paragraph. Anything over 300-400 words may not get read.

4. Find The Hot Buttons:  Figure out what topics your readers want to read. Find out what frustrates them, what do they want to learn about, what keeps them awake at night. Offer a solution or something that you have or can do that can

5.Pick good title: People click on interesting titles. Extend that thought to your sub-headlines too. Which would you prefer: “My Trip To Town” or “Dear Beastwoman I Just Saw At Wal-mart.” Which would you click on? Just sayin.

6. Include a call-to-action. People can’t read minds..tell them what you want them to do (stop by the store, enroll now, subscribe here, leave your comment below). Chris Brogan had a great quote about not giving directives to readers. “To simply say ‘Like Us On Facebook” and then just show the “F” icon is like seeing a hot girl in a bar, grabbing a napkin, and drawing a picture of a phone.” Be clear as to what you need readers to do.

7.  Easey Peasey Please:  Make it easy for your readers to come back or find you again. Have subscribe buttons front-and-center on your blog. Include Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and Linked-In buttons so they can find you via Social media as well.

8. Give Your Blog a Social Life: Speaking of Social Media, link all of your posts to all of your Social Media sites. Facebook, Twitter, etc are amazing traffic drivers.

9. Apply Polish:  Watch spelling and grammar. Don’t give poeple the rong impretion of you with bad gramer and spelink.

10. Be real. Be authentic: No ones want to read dry, regurgitated marketing stats. Blog/write to people the same way you would converse to a friend.

11. Make it easy to Share!! Add your share buttons at the end of each post using or the “Sexy bookmark” in WordPress.


  • Decide “what am I trying to attain with blogging?” Page views? Sales leads? Customer retention through engagement? Subscribers? New customer leads?
  • Pick person(s) in your organization who will be able to post and manage feedback on a consistent basis
  • Pick a platform (Blogger, WordPress).
  •  Secure the domain. Do it ASAP before someone else does.
  • Brand your blog with colors, logos, and relevant gadgets. If you have a website, make sure you keep the branding similar.
  • Begin to create posts, and post consistently.
  • Link everything you post too all your Social Media sites to generate traffic and keep new eyeballs looking at your page. Use an app like RSS Graffiti on Facebook to automatically share your blog posts.
  •  Learn the ropes of your blog. Know what all the buttons, links, and apps mean on your platform. Provide a way for people to follow you, comment, and subscribe.
  • Immediately create some sort of opt-in for email capture. This could be an offer for a free white paper or eBook. They key is to begin creating a database of readers from Day One.
  • Never forget to include an “about us”. Let readers know who you are, where you’re at, your back history, and the faces and names behind your blog and company.
  • Be seen in the neighborhood! Comment on other blogs. Send an email to your customer base inviting them to stop by and subscribe.

Rebecca Flansburg is author and creator of Mom Squad Marketing and owner of LAMS Communications-Virtual Assistant Services. Rebecca is a blogger, writer, virtual assistant, and social media junkie. The main goal of LAMS Communication is to guide, train, and assist businesses of all sizes by providing support in the field of writing, blogging social media, project management, and customer care. LAMS Communications also strives to provide info, tips, tools, apps, and ideas to make  entrepreneur’s lives EASIER. You can reach Rebecca at

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