Pinterest CopyCats-Overkill? Or A Really Good Thing?

Everyone knows Pinterest has literally exploded onto the social marketing scene and this “new kid on the block” is now considered a pretty viable tool for business.

SO..why do people like Pinterest??

*Like I mentioned, it’s the new kid on the block! It’s virgin turf that hasn’t been tainted by ads (yet). People typically do not like advertising. It’s loud, it’s overly prevalent, and it can be overwhelming. People tend to flock to the new smaller sites that don’t allow ads. The more ads you introduce-the less people engage.

*People like Pinterest because it’s new, fun, and beautiful. It’s very visual and for businesses, it’s like free advertising.  Pictures are “pinned” with links back to your website or products and people “repin” those pictures thus spreading your brand.

*It’s a place to catalog and showcase all the things you think are beautiful and that “trip your trigger.”

According to Tech Crunch Pinterest hit 10 million U.S. monthly uniques faster than any standalone site ever.

10 Million Monthy Uniques-Tech Crunch

True to form, this success has spun off a ton of new “copy cat” type sites who are scrambling for their chunk of the Success Pie.

Top-o-the-list is the “Gawker” sites. These sites appear to be all related in appearance and functionality. Instead of being able to  “repin” visitors can share the image to social media channels. When the image itself is clicked, it takes visitors directly to the website it originated from BRILLIANT.

The downside (and not that much of one) is that they do contain…dun-dun-DUN…ADS.  Oh yeah, another downside is that (I could be wrong) it appears pictures needs to “submitted” and moderated by Gawker instead of members willy-nilly posting whatever they want. Submissions could take up to 2-3 days to appear and the Gawker sites reserve the right to refuse any pictures that don’t meet their criteria.


WeddingGawkerNot to be out-done, the Dudes are getting in on the action as well. Image-based sites that cater to guys are popping up like

“Gentlemint is a mint of manly things” and is  very much like Pinterest, but without the girlie stuff.” is another “dude” image board that Tech Crunch calls “a lazier Pinterest for men. A black and red site of photos showing off the lifestyle men aspire to —  speed boats, surfboards, and slick tuxedos. It’s designed for laid-back browsing like a men’s style magazine, rather than something you have invest time in like a girlfriend.”

Hmmmm…that last comment was..interesting.

SO, what do you think? Are all these new sites over-kill? Or just more amazing ways to spread your brand? Sound off in the comment box below. I’d love to hear your thoughts.


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