So Many Books, So Little Time: Tips for Reading Strategically by Donalyn Miller

Nerdy Book Club

We own too many books. I’ve confessed this before, and it surprises no one. Don and I spend too much time sorting, culling, dusting, moving, and shelving books. Without constant maintenance, our book collection would take over our lives and home. We have tried to control our book hoarding tendencies, but it’s a losing battle. We use our library cards. We download audio books. We continuously give away books, but more appear. We don’t apologize anymore. We live in a house with too many books and we accept it. Don and I fell in love with reading as children, but we owned few books of our own until we became adults. We can measure our path to prosperity in bookshelves. Our daughters grew up in a home filled with love and books and we will grow old here–happily sifting our book treasure.

We read most of the books we bring…

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