[Review] Ascension by Hannah Rials

Awesome! Thanks so much for the review Joel!

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Hello, Feaders!

Taking this chance to say I was enrolled now to my current college under the same course with the same known classmates though I might encounter some new faces since it is common that someone else retakes for his failed subject. As we call irregulars, but I don’t want to be mean if you’re so affected such that it can sometimes happen not just to me you know 🙂

Going back to today’s highlight, I’m done reading the book, Ascension by Hannah Rials which I have received as one of the gifts for me by Ms. Becky @pragmaticmom – Thank you for giving me this and recommending that I have to read it.

Hear now my review about it.



Life is supposed to be perfect after Cheyenne Lane’s Ascension ceremony, but it turns out awakening her vampire half only complicates things more. Burdened with a patronizing family…

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