About Me

Just for Fun: The Story Of How I Became A VA.

I am a Virtual Assistant. I learned very quickly that pretty much NO ONE knows what that is! I read in a book, “focus on what you do, not what you are.

So that being said, here’s my elevator speech: “I provide freelance writing, blogging, and social media services for companies or busy executives from the comfort of my home office.”

Most of my clients are Internet-based and in other states. I even have a client in Canada. I write for and manage their blogs, community forums, social media sites, write training modules, and even create newsletters. I always knew that I wanted to write/blog for people and get paid for it, I just didn’t know how to achieve that. The title of “VA” was the piece of the puzzle I needed. Once I had those two words, I knew how to market myself, where to look for support, where to look for work, and how to charge/bill.

It was my “ah-HA!” moment.

The bottom line is; I’m living the dream. I am love the fact I can work behind the scenes and make other people/clients SHINE. Let me help you shine 🙂

Find Me On Facebook!! https://www.facebook.com/LAMSCommunications

About Me: I have a strong background in blogging for business, article writing, and Social Media optimization. I also have a 30 year background in retail sales and am a recent graduate of Social Media Examiner’s Social Media Summit. I pride myself in writing and blogging in an engaging and conversational voice, and I believe that people may not always remember a sales pitch, but they almost always remember a story. My social media strengths are in Facebook, LinkedIn, and Pinterest and she has knowledge of the WordPress and Blogger blogging platforms.

I am also a veteran blogger of 5 years and is the author and founder of two successful blogs: Franticmommy and Mom Squad Marketing (http://www.lakesareamomsquad.com/). I also have 30 years experience in office product retail sales as well and consider myself a “recovering” sales professional 🙂

Why Are VA’s a Benefit To Business Owners: Business owners can hire VAs  for single task, or lengthy campaign with out the overhead or headache of hiring new staff internally.

Other Skillsets From LAMS Communications:

*Freelance writing with experience in article writing for magazines and newsletters.

*Knowledge of WordPress and Blogger

*Knowledge of Power Point, WebEx,

*Knowledge of the Real Estate industry

* Knowledge of newsletter writing via AWeber, Constant Contact and Mail Chimp

*Knowledge and frequent use of Hootsuite.

*Knowledge of working with PLR.

*Ghosting Blogging

*Social Media expertise in Twitter, Facebook, Linked-In, Google+ and Pinterest.

*Mystery Shopping

*Personal Historian with Legacy Keepers.
Are you still not sure exactly what your business needs? Contact us to set up a free 30 minute consultation so we can better understand your business and evaluate your goals and needs. We look forward to working with you! (rebeccaflansburg@gmail.com)

Becky Flansburg is author and creator of Mom Squad Marketing and owner of LAMS Communications. Becky is a blogger, writer, virtual assistant, and social media junkie. The main goal of LAM Community is to provide behind-the-scenes support and help entrepreneurs and Momprenuers be FABULOUS. LAMS Communications wants to shine the spotlight on local moms/women in business and provide info, tips, and ideas to make women entrepreneur’s lives EASIER. You can reach Becky at rebeccaflansburg@gmail.com


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