Freelance Writing Services

Hi! Welcome to my Freelance Writer/Blogger For Hire page.

I am a passionate writer and pride myself in writing/blogging in a fun, fresh, and conversational way. I am a blogger with 5-years experience and knowledge of both Blogger and WordPress. I also have a 30 years background in sales, and am a full-time Virtual Assistant.

I write blogs posts for several different blogs, but my first love is information and topics for working moms/parents and tips, tools, and info that can help make their lives EASIER. The work/life balance is a toughie. I should know..I’m living it!

I pride myself in the ability to write in a fun, fresh and conversational way. I believe readers respond to and will stay and read information that is presented as if they were talking to a friend.

I am a frequent contributor to Her Voice Magazine and you can find my most recent (and featured) article called 3 Generations of Women Who Sew HERE.

 Past Her Voice Contributions Include:

From Someone Else’s Tummy

Minnesota Mommy Blogger

The Sisterhood of Dance

BLOGS: I write for several blogs, Franticmommy is one. Another one of my personal blogs is Mom Squad Marketing. This blog is much about shining the spotlight on Moms-in-business and reporting on the tips and tools to make them more effective business owners. (


Are you still not sure exactly what your business needs? Contact us to set up a free 30 minute consultation so we can better understand your business and evaluate your goals and needs. We look forward to working with you!(


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